Rest & Relaxation

Thai Massage Therapy


Thai massage therapy uses passive stretching and gentle pressure to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension and balance the body’s energy system. Great for relief of tension, stiffness, pain and body aches.

Essential Oils

Aromatherapy Therapy


Some of the health benefits of aromatherapy include its ability to reduce anxiety, ease depression, boost energy levels, speed up the healing process, eliminate headaches, boost cognitive performance, induce sleep, reduce pain and increase circulation.

Tension Relief

Head, Back & Shoulder


Some benefits of neck massage therapy includes release of muscles in the back. neck and shoulders, but it is also helpful for those who suffer from tension headaches, eye strain, migraines and neck pain. A great tension relief therapy.

Skin Revival

Body Scrub & Aromatherapy


A body scrub therapy renews your skin with new life and healthy glow. Some of the benefits include removal of dead skin cells, promote skin hydration, clear blemishes and reduce stress. Scrub, cleanse and relax.

Boost Circulation

Foot Reflexology


The benefits of reflexology include its ability to stimulate nerve function, increase energy, boost circulation and induce a deep state of relaxation. It also helps reduces sleep disorders, relieves depression and pain.

Ear Cleansing

Ear Candling


Ear candling is non-invasive and has a scented effect which is relaxing. The ear candle is lit on the wide end and heat is not felt in the ear canal. The gentle vacuum effect of fire causes ear debris to be drawn up the candle toward the flame.